Decorative Euro Fencing Panels

Our Decorative Euro Panels (named so after the fact that most Decorative Panels originate in Europe), are constructed with superior grade timber. These are kiln dried, heat treated, then machined smooth. After this they are pressure treated before being manufactured into decorative fencing panels.

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But why should one choose our fencing panels? 

1) They are competitively priced. But price over quality is not a good trade off.

2) We have concentrated on quality, and even though our panels are manufactured according to the strict quality of the higher end manufacturers in Europe, we have taken it a step further by gluing our mortice and tenon joints of the panel corners with waterproof glue before we fasten them with pneumatic stapling. Therefore, what would normally be traditional weak points in any panel, ours are reinforced with bonded joints.

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Square Top Horizontal Panel 

Made of slow-grown timber, these square panels make an interesting screen for any garden without taking away the garden plants and landscape‚Äôs own interest. 

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