About Trans Global Timbers

Interior Design Origins

Our Origins

In 1994 I started a furniture / cabinet manufacturing company designing and making up-market fitted and free-standing furniture. Seeing the need for direct timber supplies, I started trading in timber products in March 2012. We have successfully built up Trans Global Timbers Ltd. to having sold over 470 X 40' loads over the last six years between ten different countries.

Our Philosophy

Noticing a gap in the market, we decided to alter the prevailing course of marketing by re-addressing two basic trade principles:

  • Look after your supplier before you look after the customer. With a strong supply base, you are able to offer a strong supply line. Customer care is a big issue with which to educate suppliers, so we pay visits to our customers to keep up trade relations and to ensure maintenance of quality and price.
  • Look after the customer. To build a business that will grow, one needs to look after their customers. Repeat orders is the backbone of our business. Therefore, quality of product and customer service are of prime importance to us. We endeavour to treat our customers as we would like our suppliers to treat us, and we trust that by this we will win their loyalty and continue to increase our share in the market.