Fencing Components

  • Rails
  • Feather Edged Boards
  • Gravel Boards
  • Posts


  • Softwood
  • Hardwood
  • Reclaimed

Construction / Cabinetry

  • Softwood
  • C24
  • Ungraded Carcassing
  • Beams
  • (Cladding / Profiled Timber)

Oak Products

  • Oak Beams
  • Oak Boards


  • Beech Beams
  • Beech Boards

From the gr​ound up

Starting in the world of furniture and cabinet making in the early 1990's has given me great insights to understanding the technicalities of the timber market, as well as a multitude of information about timber itself. Armed with the use of this ever increasing knowledge, I started a company to more efficiently supply reasonably priced timber to countries in Europe.

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Considering the Future

We are proud to say that all of our timber has been carefully selected from sustainably managed forests. From these we are able to supply all softwood timber needs, including:

  • Profiled Timbers
  • Sleepers
  • Firewood
  • Pallet and Packaging Timbers

About Our Company

Our Origins
In 1994 I started a furniture / cabinet manufacturing company designing and making up-market fitted and free-standing furniture. But after seventeen years I switched from creating furniture in timber to helping other manufactures secure their own timber requirements. To date we have successfully built Trans Global Timbers to having sold over 600 X 40 loads since our commencement between thirteen different countries. 

Our Philosophy
Noticing a gap in the market, we decided to alter the prevailing course of marketing by re-addressing two basic trade principles:
1) Look after your supplier before you look after the customer. With a strong supply base, one is able to offer a strong supply line. Customer care is a big issue with which to educate suppliers, so we pay great attention to establishing good relationships with our suppliers to enable us to ensure maintenance of quality and price.
2) Look after the customer. To build a business that will grow, one needs to look after their customers. Repeat orders is the backbone of our business. Therefore, quality of product and customer service are of prime importance to us. We endeavour to treat our customers as we would like our suppliers to treat us, and we trust that by this we will win their loyalty and continue to increase our share in the market.

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